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Pheidole pallidula

Pheidole pallidula
Pheidole pallidula
Reference : FA92
Pheidole pallidula is a surprising species which grows very fast.
There are small workers and soldiers, twice bigger.

1 queen, 30/60 workers, brood. With soldiers !
Food : many insects, biscuits... No liquids.
Queen size : 7mm
Small workers size : 2-3mm
Soldiers size : 3-5mm
Day temperature : 28 degrees
Night temperature : 22 degrees
Hibernation : No hibernation, can stay at 28 degrees all the year !!
Humidity : medium-high
Feed about 3 times a week, more often for big colonies.

We recommend plexiglass nest for Pheidole pallidula.
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Plexiglass nest 8 shape
Plexiglass nest 8 shape
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Glass Nest ''V1''
Glass Nest ''V1''
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